Press & Regulatory Releases

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2015-12-29 Kul-Bas Contract Extended 2 Years/Corporate Update
2015-12-08 Binding C$25.5 Million Private Placement Signed With Olisol Investments Limited
2015-11-25 Update on US$7.5 Million Convertible Debenture with AGR Energy Limited No. 1
2015-11-23 Extension of Exclusivity Period With Olisol Investments Limited
2015-11-19 US$15 Million Interim Financing Facility Entered Into With Olisol Petroleum Limited
2015-11-13 Third Quarter 2015 Financial Results and Activity Update
2015-11-09 Letter of Intent for a US$15 Million Interim Financing and C$25.5 Million Private Placement Signed With Olisol Investments Limited
2015-10-14 Nostrum Loan Update
2015-10-12 Announcement from Olisol Investment Group
2015-10-12 Tajikistan Update
2015-10-10 Tajikistan Update
2015-10-07 Receipt of Letter of Intent From AGR Energy
2015-10-07 Withdrawal of Proposed Offer by Nostrum Oil & Gas PLC
2015-10-05 Announcement from Olisol Investment Group
2015-09-30 Management Change
2015-09-23 Update on Possible Offer from Nostrum Oil & Gas PLC
2015-09-15 Update on Possible Offer from Nostrum Oil & Gas PLC
2015-08-28 Update on Possible Offer from Nostrum Oil & Gas PLC
2015-08-14 2015 Q2 Results
2015-08-10 Update on US$47.7 Million Financing; US$5 Million Loan Financing and Possible Offer from Nostrum Oil & Gas PLC
2015-07-14 Update on strategic collaboration with AGR Energy and financing
2015-07-14 Surrender of warrants
2015-07-14 Update on approach to Board of Tethys Petroleum regarding a possible offer
2015-07-13 Statement on approach to Board of Tethys Petroleum regarding a possible offer
2015-07-02 Strategic collaboration with AGR Energy and financing
2015-06-30 Appointment of Ozodkhon Davlatshoev as Tethys’ representative in Tajikistan
2015-06-30 Senior Management’s visit to Tajikistan
2015-06-26 Appointment of Luka Chachibaia as General Director of Tethys’ Kazakh Business Unit
2015-06-12 Exclusivity Period Extension
2015-06-11 Results of Annual General and Special Meeting and Board Changes
2015-06-11 Corporate Update
2015-06-03 Honours for Akkulka Oil Field Discovery
2015-05-22 Convertible Financing Update
2015-05-15 US$7.5 Million Convertible Loan
2015-05-15 2015 Q1 Results
2015-05-11 Update on Strategic Review and Discussions with Sinohan
2015-05-01 Strategic Review and Sinohan Transaction Update
2015-04-10 Tethys Corporate Update
2015-04-02 Directorate Change
2015-03-31 2014 Annual Results
2015-03-10 US$3.5 Million Loan Agreement
2015-03-02 Corporate Update
2015-02-27 Tethys Petroleum Independant Reserves Update
2015-01-23 Issuance of Shares and Grant of Options
2015-01-23 Kyzloi Gas Production Contract 15-Year Extension
2015-01-22 Corporate Update
2015-01-16 New US$6 Million Loan Financing
2015-01-13 Kazakhstan – Gas Production Doubles
2015-01-06 Kazakhstan – Akkulka Exploration Contract Extension
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2011-12-30 Kazakhstan Oil Transportation Update
2011-12-19 Tajikistan Persea 1 Well Initial Results
2011-12-13 Tethys Completes Tajikistan Acquisition
2011-12-09 Tethys Announces Completion of US$13 Million Private Placement
2011-12-02 Tajikistan Update
2011-11-29 Tethys Announces USD$13 Million Private Placement
2011-11-18 Uzbekistan MOU Signed
2011-11-15 Kazakh AKD06 Well Flows Over 4,300 Barrels of Oil Per Day
2011-11-14 Tethys Petroleum CEO Dr David Robson Appointed as a Member of the Board of Pacific Basin Economic Council
2011-11-14 Third Quarter 2011 Financial Results and Operational Update
2011-11-13 Tethys’ CEO talks to Deutsche Welle at APEC 2011, Honolulu, Hawaii (English translation)
2011-11-03 Tajikistan Exploration Well KOM201 Reaches Total Depth
2011-10-20 Tajikistan-Beshtentak Well Flows Over 500 Barrels of Oil per Day
2011-09-12 Tajikistan Operations Update
2011-09-07 Kazakhstan KBD01 (Kalypso) Exploration Well Update
2011-09-05 Afghan Bid Update
2011-08-15 Q2 Results and Conference Call Details
2011-08-15 Operational Update
2011-08-08 Opening of Kazakhstan Oil Production Facilities
2011-07-26 AKD05 Well Flows at over 2,000 barrels per day
2011-07-25 Tethys Petroleum gets third listing – this time London
2011-07-25 Tethys Petroleum Lists on London Stock Exchange
2011-07-20 Tethys Petroleum Announces Proposed Listing on the London Stock Exchange
2011-07-07 Kazakhstan Operations Update
2011-06-09 Tajikistan Exploration Well Update
2011-05-31 AKD03-Dione Exploration Well Tests Oil from Cretaceous
2011-05-27 Tajik Exploration Well Finds Oil
2011-05-18 Uzbekistan Business Development
2011-05-13 First Quarter 2011 Financial Results
2011-05-09 Kazakhstan Operations Update
2011-04-18 Kazakh Exploration Well Flows Commercial Oil
2011-04-17 Tethys Praises Openness of Afghan Tendering Process
2011-04-11 Organisational Changes
2011-03-21 Operational Update
2011-03-21 2010 Annual Results and Conference Call Details
2011-02-17 Doris Phase 2 Oil Production Advances
2011-02-11 Uzbek Well Flows Over 1,100 Barrels of Oil per Day
2011-02-07 Kazakhstan-Kul-Bas Contract Amendments Complete
2011-02-01 Uzbekistan Exploration MOU Signed
2011-01-30 Aral Oil Terminal Inaugurated
2011-01-11 Kazakhstan Oil Production Project Approved
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2010-12-06 Drilling Commences on Kalypso Exploration Well
2010-11-17 Tajikistan Exploration Well KOM201 Flows Gas
2010-11-12 Operational Update
2010-11-12 Third Quarter 2010 Financial Results
2010-10-28 Horizontal Well Commences in Uzbekistan
2010-10-25 Kazakh State Reserves Approved for Doris Oil Discovery
2010-10-20 Tethys Petroleum Announces the Successful Closing of US$100 Million Public Offering
2010-10-05 Tethys Petroleum Announces Pricing of US$100 Million Offering
2010-10-04 Tethys Petroleum Announces Filing of Prospectus for Proposed Equity Offering
2010-09-26 Doris AKD06 Well Initial Results
2010-09-16 Positive Operating Cash Flow Achieved
2010-09-10 Tethys Commences Oil Sales in Kazakhstan
2010-09-08 Uzbekistan MOU Signed
2010-09-02 Kazakhstan Drilling Update
2010-08-20 Kazakhstan-Kul-Bas Exploration Period Extended
2010-08-16 Tethys Petroleum Operations Update
2010-08-13 Q2 Results and Conference Call Details
2010-08-03 Tethys Petroleum: MOU Signed With HOPEC
2010-07-20 Tethys Petroleum: Work Commences on Akkulka G6 Re-Entry
2010-06-30 Tethys Receives Extension for Akkulka Exploration Contract
2010-06-23 Tethys Petroleum: Initial Results From AKD02 Well
2010-06-18 Tethys Provides Assistance to Tajik Population
2010-05-31 Tajikistan-Komsomolsk Well KOM201 Commences Drilling
2010-05-26 Tethys Petroleum: Gas Production Resumes in Kazakhstan
2010-05-20 Drilling Commences on AKD03 (Dione) Exploration Well
2010-05-17 Tethys Petroleum: Drilling Update
2010-05-14 Q1 Results and Conference Call Details
2010-04-01 Drilling Commences on AKD02 (Doris) Appraisal Well
2010-03-31 2009 Annual Results and Conference Call Details
2010-03-29 KOM200 Drilling Update
2010-03-17 Uzbekistan/Tajikistan Oil Production Update
2010-03-02 Tethys Announces Completion of US$46.5 Million Private Placement
2010-02-23 Kazakhstan Oil Test-Test Analysis and Forward Programme
2010-02-14 Deputy Chief Executive Officer Appointed
2010-02-07 Tethys Petroleum Limited: Kazakh Exploration Well Flows Over 6,800 Barrels of Oil per Day
2010-02-01 Chief Operating Officer Appointed
2010-01-11 Dr. David Robson Appears on BNN Commodities Report
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2009-12-31 Tajikistan Joint Venture Finalised
2009-12-24 Akkulka Production Contract Approved
2009-12-22 Akkulka Exploration Well Flows Oil
2009-12-09 Operations Update
2009-11-17 Speculation on Hong Kong Secondary Listing
2009-11-16 Third Quarter 2009 Financial Results
2009-11-02 Appointment of Vice President Finance
2009-10-27 Drilling Update
2009-09-08 Retransmission: Tethys Petroleum: Drilling Update
2009-09-07 Drilling Update
2009-08-24 Board Changes
2009-08-19 Contract Extension for Akkulka and Drilling Update
2009-08-17 RETRANSMISSION: Second Quarter 2009 Financial Results
2009-08-14 Second Quarter 2009 Financial Results
2009-08-05 East Komsomolsk Well Commences Drilling
2009-08-04 REPEAT: Tethys Petroleum – Operations Update
2009-08-03 Tethys Petroleum: Operations Update
2009-07-31 Tethys CEO attends first meeting of President of Tajikistan’s Consultative Council
2009-06-19 Tethys Announces the Successful Closing of US$20 Million Public Offering
2009-05-24 Tethys Petroleum Announces Filing of Prospectus for Proposed Equity Offering
2009-05-19 Protocol Signed for Northern Tajikistan Areas
2009-05-19 First Quarter 2009 Financial Results
2009-05-13 Uzbekistan Oil and Gas Conference 2009
2009-05-12 Tajikistan-1.1 Billion Barrels of Gross Prospective Resources
2009-04-13 Acquisition of Uzbekistan Oilfield Project Completed
2009-03-31 Tethys Petroleum 2008 Annual Results
2009-03-05 Kyzyloi Gas Production Recommences
2009-02-27 Uzbekistan Oil Production Project Acquired
2009-02-09 Akkulka Gas Pipeline Succesfully Tested
2009-01-16 Tethys Petroleum: Tajikistan Gas Sales Contract Signed
2009-01-09 Equipment Financing Announced
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2008-12-29 Tethys Petroleum: Update on Tajik and Kazakh Operations
2008-12-22 Tajikistan East Olimtoi Exploration Well
2008-12-09 Akkulka Deep Well Commences
2008-12-05 Operational Update
2008-12-04 Cooperation Agreement Signed With “INTER RAO UES OJSC”
2008-12-01 Appointment of General Counsel
2008-11-14 Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results
2008-11-03 AKK16 Exploration Well Tests Gas
2008-10-20 Tethys Petroleum: Operations Update
2008-08-14 Second Quarter 2008 Financial Results
2008-08-13 Tasaran Exploration Well AKK15 Flows Gas
2008-07-18 Continuance under the laws of the Cayman Islands and adoption of Shareholder Rights Plan
2008-07-02 Appointment of Vice President Operations
2008-06-30 Commencement of AKK15 Shallow Gas Exploration Well
2008-06-27 Tethys Announces the Successful Closing of a US$50 million Public Offering
2008-06-13 Tajikistan Production Sharing Contract Signed
2008-05-22 Secondary listing on Kazakhstan RFCA completed
2008-05-16 Gas Tested on First Kul-Bas Exploration Well
2008-05-15 Q1 2008 Results
2008-04-29 Tethys Petroleum announces filing of prospectus for proposed equity offering of
2008-04-11 Drilling Commences of First Exploration Well on Kul-Bas Exploration Block
2008-04-01 Exploration well AKK14 tests over 13 MMcf/d
2008-03-31 2007 Annual Results and Operations Update
2008-03-28 Secondary listing on Kazakhstan RFCA approved
2008-03-19 Rig Financing Secured
2008-02-27 New Appointments
2008-02-05 Winter Weather Update
2008-01-31 First Gas Revenue Received
2008-01-15 AKK13 New Gas Discovery