Central Asia Gas Forum

June 25, 2014

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

The two day forum focused on Central Asia’s resource potential and the Central Asian countries gas strategies. Also, the presence of Central Asian counties on the European gas markets and the “China factor” in the Central Asian gas industry.

Tethys Petroleum is a proud sponsor of this forum and Dr. David Robson provided insight into the Kazakh gas market as an independent operator and particularly Tethys’ gas development on the Kazakh Steppe.

The highlight’s from the presentation are:

  • The development of the Kyzyloi gas deposit and exploration success discovering the Akkulka gas deposit has led to the first non-state dry gas development in Kazakhstan.
  • From initial production in 2007 through to current work on increasing production, this development has been implemented by Tethys’ Kazakh team.
  • Increasing infrastructure in the area is providing further impetus to the development of these deposits and exploration for more gas in the area with very good potential for further shallow gas.